Multiple / Universal


Hans Baumann, Christian Berman,

Jon Blank, Palma Blank, Ted Gahl,

Field Kallop, Karl LaRocca,

Lyman Richardson, Kristen Schiele, Oliver Warden

@ 16 Wilson Avenue

July 31 – August 25, 2013

Multiple / Universal deals with the role of art and abstraction as a universal engine for self-differentiation and universal communication in the age of the internet. The artists in the show navigate the visual landscape by material experimentation, geometry, and color play in ways that vividly illuminate individual preference and experience.  These works exhibit the connectedness of a universally vibrating network.  The underpinnings of this curatorial effort lie in the basic study of quantum physics. We live in a time where humanity is approaching a confluence between universal electronic consciousness (the internet) and an inchoate but growing understanding of the way that energy and consciousness are drawn from a universal field. How do easy access to information and the shift away from a mechanical view of the universe affect abstraction?

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