Emily Berger, Benjamin Echeverria

Nate Ethier, JJ Garfinkel, Elizabeth Hazan, Gilbert Hsiao,

Osamu Kobayashi, Dominic Mangila,

Lauren Portada, Anne Russinof


June 28 – July 28, 2013


Phaedo brings together the work of ten artists who work with abstraction. The title refers to the Platonic dialogue whose subject is the death of Socrates and the immortality of the soul. In Phaedo’s Affinity Argument, Plato offers proofs for the existence of an afterlife by contrasting the world of the invisible, the immortal and the incorporeal with the attributes of our transitory, physical world. While our bodies are destined to die and decay, our soul survives.

Phaedo at Storefront Bushwick presents the practice of abstraction as a vehicle for the exploration of a world that exists apart from the physical one we inhabit. The show focuses on artists who create systems of investigation within abstraction that allow for discovery outside a purely personal agenda of self-expression. Within this framework Phaedo casts a wide curatorial net. The artwork in the exhibition asks what it means to work with an abstract vocabulary today when so much of our visible world appears to us in a form mediated by the virtual and the digital.

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